Prelude, Fugue, and Variation by Cesar Franck (listen)

Cesar Franck wrote many beloved works including the ever-popular "Panis Angelicus", the "Piece Heroique", and the three "Chorals".  Compared to much of the French romantic repertoire, the "Prelude, Fugue, and Variation" is restrained -- occuring as a classical work with romantic harmony.

The unique expressive capabilities of the Theremin bring to the Franck some nuance that is difficult to obtain with the trompette and hautbois organ stops.  To play this on the Theremin, then, creates some interesting challenges and opportunities.

I used the Theremin voicings as if they were separate divisions of the pipe organ with an effect similar to that produced when an organist switches from one keyboard to another while playing.  The pedal passages reach deep into the Theremin's bass register. In places where Franck wrote massive chords to be played on the huge Cavaille-Coll organ I utilized multiple Theremin tracks -- up to nine of them.

I played the Aries Modular synth for the non-Theremin tracks, thus approaching the entire project as an electronic transcription.

A challenge with a transcription is to remain faithful to the composer while presenting the work in a different setting.   I hope you'll find this transcription a worthy endeavor.

-- Kevin

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