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2010 Kansas City Regional Electro-music Festival

July 23, 24, and 25

Walnut Creek Clubhouse (click here for map)
5502 Clubhouse Cove
Parkville, Mo. 64152

Free and open to the public for all ages.

Hosted by Kevin Kissinger and Shane Morris, the KC Regional electro-music  festival encompasses all styles of electronic music, DIY instruments, performances, collaborations, and demonstrations.  

The KC Regional formed from the increasing need for a live performance outlet for experimental electronic music in the mid-western states. The festival is not limited to participants in the region alone, but does seek to consolidate and network with artists in the extended area. The intention is to create a cooperative community where artists and enthusiasts participate and benefit together.

Hosting both stereo and 5.1 surround sound, the Walnut Creek Clubhouse is a wonderful setting just of the Missouri River with the KC skyline on the horizon. The venue has large vaulted wooden ceilings, wonderful lighting, comfy couches, and great acoustics.

To see photos of last year's festival, visit Kansas City Regional Electro-music festival on myspace.

Friday, July 23

12noon  Equipment staging, setup, meet and greet
5pm Panel Discussion on hardware and software DIY Kevin Kissinger - moderator
6pm Tensor Sensellation: Complex noise from simple electrons. Collaborative improvisations by Damon Mar and David Herpich with a hint of personal endangerment. Now with oat clusters. Tensor Sensellation
7pm To honor the 30th Anniversary of Taped Rugs Productions, Goff will orchestrate selections from the Taped Rugs Catalog which have never been performed previously in public, employing electronic guitar, vocoder, synthesizer, electronic toys, tapes, and sound effects. Charles Rice Goff III
8pm Ambient synthesizer music/noise with synthesizers and guitar Damon Mar, Overland Park KS
9pm Emerald Adrift: floating ambient through propulsive sequencing influenced by space music, jazz, new age, and classical. David Herpich, Lawrence KS
10pm Cody Loyd:  Guitar processed with Pure Data Cody Loyd
11pm Lecture/demo: Ambiophonic Sound Howard Moscovitz
Midnight 60x60: Sixty electronic compositions by 60 composers  in 60 minutes. 60x60
1am Collaboration  TBA

Saturday, July 24

1030am Drum Circle  (all invited) Shane Morris
11am Demo: Creating a Front Panel with Front Designer and DecalPro Kevin Kissinger
Noon  Lunetta History, Construction, and Sounds  Howard Moscovitz and Damon Mar
1pm Collaborative Performance Dane Minoza and Shane Morris
2pm "Ritual Observances" - Transcendental soundscape meditations for 8-string extended-range guitar. Dan Minoza
3pm Ambient Electronic Shane Morris, Fayetteville AR
4pm  Kevin will perform his own compositions on the Theremin.
Kevin Kissinger
5 pm  Setup for Evening Performances / Meal break

7pm Performance River Cow Orchestra
8pm Synth Invasion is Chris Hodges from Lincoln, Nebr.
A blend of synthesizer music with elements of acid techno, tribal, breakbeat and sampling.  Energetic, rhythmic dance music.
Synth Invasion
9pm Darrell Burgan will be performing an hour of his Palancar "Ambient Train Wrecks", which are his nickname for live improvisational ambient space music performances. Palancar
10pm Metlay!: an hour in the depths of Subterranean Scumbarge Studios with the Man From Atomic City. Electronic ambient landscaping from a variety of sound sources, tinged with dark humor. Metlay
11pm Burning Artists Sale (Barbara Vesey and Kevin Haller) will present music to accompany
footage from the early 20th century by Martin Lewis Thompson.  Included will be scenes in
and around Vermillion, South Dakota, as well as family vacations in Estes Park, Colorado.
Burning Artists Sale
Midnight Performance Howard Moscovitz
1am Collaboration: Late night Ambient Drift

Sunday, July 25

1030am Drum Circle  (all invited) Shane Morris
11am Smoke and Spark, the lab rats turned bodhisattvas, will regale the audience with the second chapter of their quest for enlightenment beyond their cage. Thrills! Chills! Burning Copal incense and licking batteries! Labrathisattva
Noon  Demo: electro-music DIY projects -- the MPS, Klee  Sequencer and MIDI Clock sync Kevin Kissinger
1pm  Demo:  How to use impulse responses for creative processing of sounds.
Darrell Burgan
2pm  Machine Sounds Project -- collaboration
Chris Hodges (coordinator)
4pm Collaboration Howard Moscovitz, Kevin Kissinger, Shane Morris
5pm (Take down equipment / clean up)