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"The Sad Little Ghost" by Kevin Kissinger Another Halloween work for solo theremin and K2600 tracks.
"Three-Legged Race" by Kevin Kissinger Solo theremin and live loops with no pre-recorded elements
"Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert Did Schubert visit California?
Mummies and Unholy Ghosts (original) Halloween music for Theremin and K2600 synth
Prelude, Fugue, and Variation by Cesar Franck Solo and multi-track Theremin with the Aries Synthesizer
Londonderry Aire A favorite.   Arranged for Theremin and my trusty K2600 synth.
"Ricercare" from "The Musical Offering" by Johann Sebastian Bach Spellbound's  Best of 2006 -- Nominee (Best Classical Transcription)
Meteor Mallets (original)
Spellbound's Best of 2006 -- Winner (Best Neo-classical composition)
Ave Verum by William Byrd Performed with four a cappella Theremin tracks
Cowboy Song (original) Theremins and rinky-tink pianny at the Double-K ranch
Bach/Gounod Ave Maria Solo Theremin, Harp, Cello, French Horn, and voices
The Last Leaf of Autumn (original) Solo Theremin and synthesized instruments
Jolly Old St. Nicholaus Spellbound's Best of 2005 -- Honorable Mention
What Child Is This ThereminWorld Contest Co-winner - December 2005
Oh Christmas Tree Paia Theremax with bells and ethereal strings
ThereminWorld Contest Winner - October 2005
* Note: all of these performances are on Spellbound's playlist.   I used the K2600 synthesizer to play all the non-theremin parts except where noted.

To Read more about the Theremin, click here.  Thank you for listening and please visit again to check for new music -- Kevin