Three-Legged Race (stereo mix -listen)
Except for a one-measure piano cue, Three-Legged Race is an entirely live work with no pre-recorded elements.  A technique called "Live Looping" allows the musician to play phrases and, in turn, the looping hardware/software (in this case a laptop computer) plays back the phrases in a continuous, looping fashion. While the loops are playing back, the musician can add (overdub) additional material.  Thus, an entire ensemble texture can be built up from a one-note-at-a-time instrument, such as the Theremin.

Three-Legged Race uses four sets of synchronized loops under computer control.  The various loops are placed throughout the surround-sound field.  Since the computer turns the loops on and off and varies the loops' parameters, the musician must play with high precision to stay "in sync" with the computer.

Three-Legged Race was premiered at the Electro-Music 2007 festival in Cheltenham, PA on June 1st, 2007.
Below is a picture taken by photographer Hong Waltzer during the performance.  (Hong's link will take to you to some of her beautiful scenic photography and to dozens of pictures from the 1200 she took at the electro-music festival.)

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